Information Management

There's never too much of a good thing... if you can manage it. Over the last decade the amount of information created in the normal course of business has increased exponentially. At the same time the ability of many organizations to manage information in an efficient and organized manner has not kept pace.

Although accessing, using, and disseminating information is critical to achieving your organization's mission, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for Information Management. At TeleSolv Consulting, we have the expertise and the experience to create a customized solution for the Information Management challenge your organization faces... Let's Accelerate!

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Information Management Solutions

Management of Electronic Records
Information Sharing

In today's environment of homeland security and increased FOIA requests information sharing is vital. Considering the high costs associated with extended response times, organizations cannot afford to overlook opportunities to deploy people and systems that can ensure prompt, compliant, and efficient information sharing. According to the February 2007 GAO report on FOIA, many Federal agencies are currently experiencing a significant increase in the number of pending requests. At TeleSolv Consulting our Information Management specialists are prepared to assist your agency with managing both inter-agency and public requests for information.

Records Management Compliance Support

Development of agency wide recordkeeping requirements and adherence to those requirements is a critical component of good recordkeeping practices. As all Federal agencies are legally required to comply with mandates regarding the creation, use, and disposition of Federal records, ensuring organizational compliance should be a critical part of your risk management strategy. At TeleSolv Consulting certified Records Management specialists are prepared to assist your organization with all phases of the Records Management lifecycle from creation to disposition.

Records Operations Audits

It's no wonder given the complexity of today's Records Management environment that organizations often find themselves unaware of compliance issues throughout their operations. TeleSolv Consulting is fully aware of the risk associated with noncompliance and the role audits play in assessing risk exposure. Let TeleSolv Consulting's team of Records Management specialists assist you with auditing your organization's Records Management operations. The scope of our audits can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization and include comprehensive assessments as well as customized recommendations.